IMPORTANT INFORMATION
                                                                TO ALL OUR GUESTS VISTING US 
                                                                   IN THE PERIOD June 27 - July 2


                                                               The trafic in Copenhagen regarding 

                                                                    Tour the France June 27 - July 2

                                 The first stage of Tour the France will take place in Copenhagen 1th of July,  and the race

                          will significantly affect the traffic and parking conditions over several days from Monday June 27

                                      Saturday July 2nd.  From Monday,  June 27, the start and finish area on and around H.C.

                                            H.C. Andersens Boulevard and Rådhuspladsen will be closed for car driving and parking.
                                                    The entire route will be closed for parking from Thursday morning, June 30th. 


                                      Spectators,  local citizens and other tourists in the city should use public transport to and from

                                                  Copenhagen. It  will not be possible to drive to Copenhagen. The city is expected

                                                           to be back to normal traffic settlement on Saturday afternoon, July 2nd.


                                                                  If you are going to visit us these days and have questions around this,

                                                                 contact our reception at  +45 44 40 10 01 or


                                            ● GOOD NEWS: We have extended the time of our breakfast. 

                            Our breakfast on saturday and sunday is from 7.30-12.00. Then, you have a more flexibility in your

                                              morning  and could enjoy our breakfast later if that meets your need in a better way. 

                                                                                   On the weekdays our breakfast is from 06.30-10.00.




                                                                                 Parking within 5min walking from Hotel Astoria. 

                                                            You can leave your luggage here before check-in/out and pick it up 


                                                                                  1: Q-Park Codanhus        Price: 220dkk/day    30€/day

                                                                                                    Vodroffsvej 1, 1900 Frederiksberg C. 


                                                                                              2: Q-Park Vesterport        Price: 230dkk/day    31€/day

                                                                                               Nyropsgade 43, 1602 København V 

                                                                                              3: Axeltowers parkinghouse        Price: 400dkk/day    53€/day
                                                                                                  Jernbanegade 15

                                                                    Best Western rewards 

                       Do you want to become a member of a worldwide hotel chain. We match your status points with other chains!

                                          Best of all, we never delete your earned points



                               Nothing is better that when you give us feedback after your stay, gives your rating on TripAdvisor. Remember,

                                                                   if there is anything during your stay we are always available for you.


                                                                    Check out
                                            You have your room until 12:00, this gives you plenty of time for breakfast, shower,

                                                                                      or relax with you favourite series on the room.

 We have prioritized the most important thing first, a good night sleep and a good food.

                                                                             But we recommend a jog in the centre of Copenhagen.